ALPHA – Chief Executive Officer

6+ years of experience in blockchain and crypto.
5+ years working as blockchain dev.
Seasoned investor and researcher in the field.

BETA – Chief Operating Officer

Ivy League alumni.
Serial successful seed/private investor in crypto.
3+ years of working as dev in blockchain and crypto.

OMEGA – Chief Marketing Officer

Professional gamer and experienced marketer in the gaming industry.
Crypto investor for 5 years.

DELTA – Chief Designer Officer

10+ years working as professional graphics designer for major game and tech companies.
Crypto enthusiast.

KAPPA - Head of Community Management

3+ years working as a content writer and CM in blockchain.
Savvy crypto investor.

PI - Head of Business

2+ years working in business development in crypto.
In charge of business of tens of crypto projects.


Richie - Co-founder of Moonlift Capital
Logino Dujardin - Co-founder of Moonlift Capital
Toby/Dr. Naut - CEO of Astronaut and CEO of DroidDAO
Finn - Launchzone Head of Business and Development
Jon Ren - CMO of Solanium and team member of Waggle
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