Q4 - 2021

● Start of the project: goals definition, concept development, team formation
● Technical infrastructure creation:servers, BSC node, environment development
● Platform server-side logic development
● Design development
● Technical implementation of interface design: adaptive layout, client-side logic development
● Development of random number generator (RNG) based on blockchain and smart contract
● Legal advisory on NFT gaming operation
● Smart contract based game development and its integration into a platform
● Utility token integration into a platform
● Implementation of BSC-based player’s balance system integrated into a platform

Q1 - 2022

● Internal smart contract tests and platform tests
● Networking and forming partnerships
● Token sale
● TGE and project launch
● Website adjustments based on feedback from community
● PET ALLIANCE is the fully integrated platform for games on BSC
● Open beta test on BSC
● Platform audit (smart contracts audit, vulnerability scanning, security audit)
● Mobile app on Google Play testing
● PET Mall release
● The PAL token listing on exchanges

Q2 - 2022

● The first official working version release with web version on BSC
● Expansion to Avalanche
● Monthly tournament release
● Special even release
● New characters, items, and abilities release
● Start of attracting classic online players to the Platform
● Affilliate marketing launch
● Multichannel marketing consolidation
● Increase in customer base

Q3 - 2022

● Game official launch on Avalanche (web version)
● Mobile version release on Google Play
● Players start to be able to build houses and raise animals as pets
● Improve cross - chain NFT interoperability
● Affilliate marketing launch
● Multichannel marketing consolidation
● Hackathon (Complex platform vulnerability testing)
● Increase in customer base
● Strengthening of the online gaming vertical

Q4 - 2022

● AR and VR metaverse release
● Release further updates to improve overall gaming experience
● Finalization of multilingual user interface (4 languages first: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese)