Regulatory risks of online gaming industry

The sphere of online gaming is under the close attention of the regulatory bodies, which constantly make changes and clarifications in the existing regulatory documents. We warn you that there is a risk that the project may not meet the new regulatory environment at a certain period of time.

Risks of external fraud

Scammers are extremely inventive in online gaming. Hackers are constantly looking for weaknesses on online gaming platforms. The open source algorithms of smart contracts are also attacked, so we can not exclude the risk that our platform will also be tried to get hacked.

Risks of the industry

We warn you that we do not guarantee that the project will receive a profit sufficient for successful operations. The competition in NFT gaming is very high.

Regulatory risks of blockchain industry

The blockchain industry is in the initial stage of its regulation. Governments of countries are in the process of studying blockchain technology, and some countries impose restrictions (for example, the United States, China, South Korea). There are no legal documents regulating the crypto industry yet - the laws will appear later and can significantly affect the activities of blockchain projects, including our project. We warn you that such laws can significantly limit and even stop the project activity, we are not responsible for the negative consequences associated with the possible regulation of the industry in the future.

Financial risks

Contributions in cryptocurrency projects is a big risk, and you can lose all your money. PET ALLIANCE tokens, like any other cryptocurrency, are subject to strong fluctuations and may fall in value significantly. We are not responsible for any fluctuations in the value of the token on exchanges. We do not guarantee that there will be an opportunity to exchange PET ALLIANCE tokens for fiat. Governments can invent laws that will obligate paying taxes from PET ALLIANCE tokens. PET ALLIANCE tokens can be used only to play on the PET ALLIANCE platform, they do not grant you the right of ownership in PET ALLIANCE. PET ALLIANCE project does not guarantee any income, you can incur significant losses.