PET DAO is the governance system of PET ALLIANCE. It is built to support and experiment with a wide range of ideas for economic alignment, game operation, treasury management, and organization within the PET ALLIANCE Ecosystem as well as to integrate our partnerships into the actual ecosystem.
Players need to stake PAL in the DAO Treasury to be able to participate in the PET DAO, having proposal and voting rights in governance. Those who stake PAL in the DAO Treasury also get to decide which partner PET ALLIANCE should work with through token swaps, creating special in-game NFTs, and other methods.
Through PET DAO, users can propose changes to the platform and the community gets to vote on whether they want the proposal to be implemented. The voting power of each user depends on the amount of PAL they stake in the DAO. PET DAO ensures that no one or no group of people has the majority of control over the platform.
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