The PET ALLIANCE leaderboard will be kept fresh and updated every quarter. The leaderboard will take into account top 10 players from both BSC and Avalanche. The top 10 players in the leaderboards will receive additional bounty above and beyond their match winnings.
PET ALLIANCE’s various leaderboards all employ standard chess ELO systems to calculate users’ ratings. The formulation is a little too complex to be included as part of this paper in detail, but a quick summary may be found below:
If Player A has a rating of RA and Player B a rating of RB, the exact formula (using the logistic curve) for the expected score of Player A is: EA =11 + 10(RB - RA)/400
Similarly the expected score for Player B is:
EB =11 + 10(RA - RB)/400
Also note that EA + EB = 1. In practice, since the true strength of each player is unknown, the expected scores are calculated using the player’s current ratings.
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