PET ALLIANCE is an online video game that focuses on Play-to-Earn, strategy, and collectible items. Centered in its own universe, the player will take part in the clash between two groups of animals, one that wants to destroy humankind and one that wants to live peacefully alongside them.


At the beginning, each player is given a cage NFT for free (players only need to pay transaction fees for the first cage NFT) and it will randomly give birth to one character with a random rarity level. The rarity level of a character ranges from Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, to Legend. The higher the rarity, the lower the success rate of you opening a cage NFT with that rarity level and the more abilities your character can be equipped with. Also, each character will have these stats: health, attack, and defense.
Players may purchase a different cage NFT from the PET Mall with PAL to change their character. All items and abilities will be kept if players choose to change characters.
Each playable character needs to be trained by completing quests until they reach their maximum potential, as well as to be equipped with the best and most powerful abilities to fight the enemies. The most important thing for your character is their abilities, which will allow them to fight against the enemies; so you must get the most powerful, interesting and rare abilities.
Another way to be stronger is to buy special rare NFT items and abilities in the PET Mall and equip them. With PAL you can buy new items and abilities in the PET Mall.
After every 20 day, your character’s stats will decrease by 10% and the amount they earn will be lowered too. The player needs to wait 3 days for the character to rest or use BONE to restore their stats. If the character is used when all of their stats are lower than 90%, the stats and earning capability will decrease every single day, and they will need even more BONE to restore the stats. If the character stats run out completely, the player needs to purchase a “Nursery Home” in the PET Mall to restore all stats. This mechanism is anti-inflation and will help PET ALLIANCE have a healthy economics.

Battles, Quests, & Events

In each battle, your character will enter a room in which there is a jail that traps human. There are a maximum of 8 characters (both playable and non-playable) in a room. Players can choose to play PvE or PvP in PET ALLIANCE.
In PvE, you can only play in the For-Human side. Your characters will automatically run around the room to collect weapons to throw at the enemies. The battle ends when the enemies die and you win.
In PvP, you can choose if you want to play to protect human or to destroy them. If you choose to protect human, you need to collect all the keys to unlock all jails and there’s no need to kill all enemies. However, if you choose to destroy human, you need to eliminate all enemies from the For-Human side to win the battle. If your character is in critical condition during battle (either side you are on), meaning his life point is almost exhausted while the enemy is still alive, you can choose to use BONE to make a Final Attack. When you opt for the Final Attack option, a slot machine will appear. Based on the slot machine result, you can finish all enemies in the field with a super powerful blow or screw your chance and lose the battle.
Players can do daily quests or engage in combats to gain BONE token, prizes (randomized), and experience points to level up and be stronger. Easy quests and easy battles will give few points and tokens, and normal to medium prizes. Harder quests and harder battles will give more BONE, more experience points, rarer prizes.
There will also be a referral program to attract more players. By sharing PET ALLIANCE with your friends, you will be rewarded with NFT assets and in-game tokens.
Festivals and special events will be held all year round. Players taking part in these kinds of events can get PAL and special NFTs that are not put on sale by the team. Super rare NFTs may be sprinkled here and there during the festival time.

Items and abilities

An ​item is an equipable object that can give your character an extra amount of life or energy during battle. The items can be equipped as helmet, armor, weapon or boots. In addition, the item equipped as a weapon will give an active ability that may be used by your character during combat.
Users can collect special and rare item NFTs during special events to showcase them or sell them on the PET ALLIANCE PET Mall to make real money.
An ​ability is an attack that your character can perform during a battle. Each skill has a cost of wisdom, so the player can give his character as many abilities as the amount of wisdom he disposes (eight being the minimum).
Both items and abilities can be upgraded with BONE. Two items or two abilities can be fused to make a rarer item/ability.

Quest Rewards System

Players can earn BONE tokens by completing daily quests and engaging in fights.

Immediate Match Rewards

PET ALLIANCE will give players a sense of instant gratification. Players pay a small fee to participate in competitive matches. They will then immediately receive earnings when they win these matches.
To prevent fraud and inflation, PET ALLIANCE will display “Pending Winnings” inside the winner’s wallet. 20% token rewards will be transferred to the player’s wallet immediately after they win the battle, and the remaining 80% will only be transferred in 10 business days after the match has been verified; if it was won fair and square in a PvP as decided by the jury (which is either an admin from PET ALLIANCE or a group of fellow gamers). If the player wants to withdraw the remaining 80% beforehand, they will be charged a hefty fee and cannot receive all the tokens.

Reputation Points

“Griefing” can be a serious demotivator in online gaming, and may heavily affect post-game customer experience. PET ALLIANCE can address this issue seriously via our post-game report system:
Each player is given 3 “Commend” and 3 “Report” flagging rights each day, which they may use on other players in the game after the game ends. These Commends and Reports will affect the player’s “Reputation Point” as follows:
New Reputation Points = Old RP –/+ (Number of Reports/Commends from current match)^2
These adjustments are made on a per-match basis, based on the assumption that if one report is likely a personal grudge, but multiple reports against the same person are exponentially more likely to be a griefer.
Not only will a player’s reputation points be publicly viewable, certain features on PET ALLIANCE will also be unavailable for badly reputed players, namely:
  • Tournament participation
  • Special promotion packages (in-app microtransactions available only with PET ALLIANCE tokens)
We also analyzed popular games, thoroughly studied the feedback and comments left by our users. Based on this analysis, we have drawn up a plan for launching games for 2022. The constant launch of new features will allow us to keep the player’s attention longer, and thereby to increase LTV index.

Proprietary Matchmaking Algorithms

for PvP and Tournaments PET ALLIANCE utilizes algorithms to matchmake players and with similar skill sets. This results in a better level of competitiveness and also guarantees fair and balanced matches.
The two main goals behind the development of the Matchmaking Ranking (MMR) are: Finding equal matches: Players will be matched against those with skill level (MMR) as close to theirs as possible Decreasing queue times: Players will spend less time finding matches and more time actually playing As such, PET ALLIANCE’s matchmaking system will start off trying to match the players against those of almost identical MMR level, and slowly widen the search range as the player spends more time in the “finding match” queue. The accepted MMR range will be as follows:
Where t = the number of seconds the player has spent in the queue looking for a match.