Problems & Solutions

Problem 1: Player’s mistrust in the gaming system

In most cases with online gaming, the player does not have a chance to check the randomness of determining the winner. Generating random numbers is not transparent, and even in the case of certified algorithms, a player can not be 100% sure of trustworthiness of a party that monitors the game.
=> Solution: PET ALLIANCE solves this problem using blockchain and smart contracts technologies. Our algorithms for generating random numbers are available on GitHub and can be checked by anyone. Generation of random numbers and distribution of winnings happens not on our servers, but in an autonomous environment of blockchain. Therefore, neither side can intervene in this process.

Problem 2: Lack of transparency

Most of the websites of online gaming industry can not provide sufficient transparency to the user to ensure the player’s complete confidence in the integrity of site managers. The player can not see how many people actually took part in a particular game, which of them won and what is the amount of the winning.
=> Solution: Our platform presents a completely transparent system - all transactions are stored in blockchain. They can not be changed or deleted. Anyone can check and see the progress of all our drawings on an independent platform (for example BSCscan) or on his computer on which the corresponding environment of blockchain is deployed.

Problem 3: The player cannot check the paying capacity of the game operator

The user can not be sure whether the system has funds for payments, and whether the promised prize and reward can be actually provided.
=> Solution: PET ALLIANCE provides full transparency - all the accumulated tokens are consolidated on a smart contract. Anyone can look at the size of reward and prize on an independent platform, ensuring our ability to pay the winnings.

Problem 4: Security

An overwhelming number of online resources is subject to attacks by hackers. Whatever protection measures are taken by the owner’s site - the risk of hacking always remains. In case of traditional online games when their site is compromised, the attacker is able to fully manage the mechanism of the game.
=> Solution: PET ALLIANCE is a decentralized application (DAPP). If our website is compromised, the attacker will not be able to influence the whole process of the gameplay or gain access to the prize and reward system. Our site is only an interface of the infrastructure that we created in the environment of blockchain. Drawings, storage and distribution of items and rewards are managed by a smart contract that is executed in a decentralized environment.

Problem 5: Lack of monetization

Gamers have limited ways to monetize their skills and time spent on playing games.
=> Solution: PET ALLIANCE allows gamers to get paid doing something they love and are good at. They can make money through competitive gaming and content generation within the platform.

Problem 6: Not enough competitions

The majority of gamers are fond of participating in esports. However, the current landscape is limited in competitions and avenues for non-professionals and elite professionals, especially for blockchain gaming.
=>Solution: Lots of Tournaments & Challengers. PET ALLIANCE will feature a seasonal leaderboard and weekly tournaments for gamers to compete and earn PAL Tokens from. Plus they get to know how they stand among the best players in the world, as well as give them more reasons to continue playing.