• PET ALLIANCE has a well-designed economy with multiple anti-inflation mechanisms for both token and NFT to maintain a balanced, healthy, and sustainable ecosystem for all players.
  • PET ALLIANCE is the only blockchain based online gaming project that first developed a working product, collected feedback from the professional community, improved the product, and prepared a marketing strategy to attract players.
  • Unique content is one of the key factors for the success of online gaming, since most of them look the same and differ only in color. We have done a lot of work to develop our own architecture, unique content and design, and make it adaptive for most mobile devices. We do not use White Label solutions of others, instead we created a strong solutions development department of our own;
  • Our platform is fully integrated - we have developed a unique architecture that allows us to quickly implement any game based on smart contracts, to add a payment system, to integrate third-party services and provide White Label online gaming solutions to other market participants;
  • PET ALLIANCE is the project that eliminates the weakness of banal gameplay of blockchain gaming and goes beyond the players of the crypto industry and is oriented on a huge audience of classical online gaming and NFT game players;
  • We have a strong development department that has years of experience in blockchain. gaming, and marketing;
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